Boston Harbor striped bass charter fishing
Charter fishing in Boston Harbor and Newburyport
Charter fishing boston harbor
Boston striped bass charter
Boston Fishing Charters
We specialize in light tackle and fly fishing for striped bass and bluefish on our
Boston fishing charters. Aboard our vessel, Go Fish, we will stalk fish in the shallows
deeper channels, rocky shorelines,flats, rips, jetties - well, actually any place we can find
find fish. The techniques and locations will vary as the day progresses. Each month
from May to October has a character of its own that is often predictable. However each
day of fishing brings something new and different. We will adapt to the weather, bait
and tide; sight casting when possible and fishing structure or trolling otherwise.
Most days we will mix it up, have fun, and enjoy a memorable day.

Boston Harbor Fishing Charter Overview

What to Bring
Your Captain
Our fishing boat, Go Fish, is a new highly customized Proline 20 Sport Center Console.
While clearly a fishing machine, it has been rigged with comfort in mind. There are
permanent stern jump seats that do not restrict fishing mobility, as well as a bench in
front of the console. There is a large bow casting deck as well as an unobstructed stern
casting area. Additional handles have been installed in key areas for your safety.
Go Fish is rigged with all USCG required safety equipment as well as GPS and sonar
systems. A porta potti is available for your convenience in the console cabin. Two fly
fishermen or up to four light tackle enthusiasts will enjoy this rig.
Our Vessel
4 Hour base price
5 Hour base price
Base price is for one angler. There is a four angler maximum.
Additional anglers
$50 / Per Angler
Your Captain is Patrick Helsingius, a licensed U.S. Coast Guard Master, who is recognized
as an experienced fishing guide and angler. While he has fished his whole life, saltwater
striped bass and bluefish have become his passion. He is a member of the Northeast
Charterboat Captain's Association, The Coastal Conservation Association, and The
Maritime Consortium.
Fishing Techniques and Tackle
Depending on weather conditions you will want to bring a wind-breaker, rain gear, camera
and polarized sunglasses. Sunscreen and a hat are recommended, even on overcast days.
Bring a snack and something to drink. Drugs and hard liquor are not permitted onboard.
Please be aware that space is limited. A small cooler is fine to bring. Footwear with good
traction such as sneakers with non-marking soles or boat shoes are recommended.
We specialize in light tackle and fly fishing techniques and will provide all necessary fishing
gear. Our tackle will be sized according to the prevalent fish. Light spinning
tackle is provided with mono or braid lines in 12 to 30 lb. range using both surface and
sinking lures. We provide 8wt, 9wt, or 10wt fly rods. Lines will be intermediate or fast
sinking. Baitcast reels are also used for several trolling applications. Instruction for all
types of fishing and gear is available for inexperienced anglers. Beginners of all ages are
welcome. Clients may bring their own gear, just inform the captain if you plan to do so.

Catch and release is recommended so we can catch more and bigger fish next year. The
Conservation Association is resolved to see the striped bass protected nationally as a game
fish and we can do our part to preserve this great fishery. Please let the captain know
if you would like to keep some fish for the grill and he will be happy to assist. Go Fish
is outfitted with a large livewell to keep your fish fresh. The captain will make sure the
fish are bled optimally and can also filet the fish for you.
Our season usually starts mid-May and extends through October, beginning with lots of
school size striped bass in May and larger fish targeting herring and mackerel. Bluefish
arrive once the water has warmed, anytime between June and August. Striped bass remain in
the harbor most of the season with stretches of time when it will be more productive to fish
"outside". The season often ends with surface blitzes in September and October. Bait fish is
mainly herring (whole season), mackerel (mostly spring and early summer), and bunker
(summer and fall). The fishing changes with each month. You can review the season
fishing reports
for more details. You may also contact the captain if you want to review
this in more detail or want to know the current conditions.
Boston fishing charters depart from our marina in Quincy MA and also from downtown
Boston. Departure times are flexible although the captain will typically strongly
encourage launching around dawn as this often provides the best fishing
opportunities. Finding us will be easy with these directions.
Please contact the captain with any questions
you may have or if you wish to book a charter
You are welcome to adjust the duration while on the water. Additional time is $50 / Hour.
The cost of lost rod and reel is not included.