Go Fish Sport Fishing Charters Boston
Fishing Charters Boston
Go Fish Sport Fishing Charters
Fishing Charters in Boston
Boston charter fishing
Boston fishing charters
Light tackle and fly fishing in Boston Harbor
Light tackle Boston fishing charter
Our Boston harbor fishing charters target stripers and blues.
We spot many, land quite a few, and add great memories to our
fishing experience.
Hundreds of dolphins encountered
offshore from Cape Ann. Not
something you see very often, but
it was great to have them swim
next to our boat for about an hour.
We actually stopped fishing just to
soak in the experience.
Have you seen kayakers troll for stripers?
While not saltwater fishing, you can use
similar skills to chase pike on some of
our inland rivers that hold large ones
if you know where to look. I caught this
one on the Sudbury. The video is a bit
unsteady as I'm trying to kayak, fish
and shoot video at the same time.
Fish Tales
A little bit of everything in a whirlwind
tour of bluefish blitz, basking ocean
sunfish, seal, and catching a nice bluefish
(video courtesy of fishing buddy Phil
Jackson). You never know exactly when
a blitz will occur but a good bet is
September or October. This is a great
time to catch your first striper or
bluefish on a fly rod.
Go Fish Sport Fishing Charters participated along
with fourteen other boats in "The Safe Summer
Kickoff" sponsored by the NCCA and The Fishing
. The Fishing Academy takes Boston
inner-city girls and boys off the streets and
gets them into nature.

Onboard our boat, Go Fish, Al (left) hooked a
ten pound bluefish, and Jamille (right) tied for
first place for most fish landed.
Boston fishing charters
Boston fishing charters
Badger Rock seals near the mouth
of the Merrimack River are great
to look at. However, they chase
the same fish that we do. Stripers
must run the gauntlet to move
into the river.